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Query data

We provide two way for you to easily query data:

  1. through plain SQL by writing query().sql(..) :this returns a list[list [ PyVector ] ] which represents the converted query results. For example:
def func()->vector[f64]:
    from greptime import query
    # assuming value is a f64 column
    return query().sql("select value from table")[0][0]
  1. through DataFrame API: By using dataframe API, you can easily query data and do some data analysis. By default dataframe holds a DataFrame that's converted from the current coprocessor's input data(RecordBatch). You can also use dataframe.from_sql(..) to query data from the database, but this feature is only available after this PR got merged. For example:
def func()->vector[f64]:
    from greptime import col, dataframe
    # assuming value is a f64 column
    df = dataframe().select(col("value"))
    return df.sort().collect()[0][0]

The full DataFrame API is listed below:

DataFrame's methods:

select_columns(columns: List[str])select columns from DataFrame
select(columns: List[Expr]])select columns from DataFrame using PyExpr
filter(condition: Expr)filter DataFrame using PyExpr
aggregate(group_expr: List[Expr], aggr_expr: List[Expr])Perform an aggregate query with optional grouping expressions.
limit(skip: int, fetch: Optional[int])Limit the number of rows returned from this DataFrame. skip - Number of rows to skip before fetch any row; fetch - Maximum number of rows to fetch, after skipping skip rows.
union(other: DataFrame)Union two DataFrame
union_distinct(other: DataFrame)Union two DataFrame, but remove duplicate rows
distinct()Remove duplicate rows
sort(expr: List[Expr])Sort DataFrame by PyExpr, Sort the DataFrame by the specified sorting expressions. Any expression can be turned into a sort expression by calling its sort method.
join(right: DataFrame, left_cols: List[str], right_cols: List[str], filter: Optional[Expr])Join two DataFrame using the specified columns as join keys. Eight Join Types are supported: inner, left, right, full, leftSemi, leftAnti, rightSemi, rightAnti.
intersect(other: DataFrame)Intersect two DataFrame
except(other: DataFrame)Except two DataFrame
collect()Collect DataFrame to a list of PyVector

Expr's methods:

col(name: str)Create a PyExpr that represents a column
lit(value: Any)Create a PyExpr that represents a literal value
sort(ascending: bool, null_first: bool)Create a PyExpr that represents a sort expression
comparison operators: ==, !=, >, >=, <, <=Create PyExpr from compare two PyExpr
logical operators: &, |, ~Create PyExpr from logical operation between two PyExpr