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GreptimeDB supports PostgreSQL wire protocol, which allows you to execute queries after connecting DB instances with standard PostgreSQL clients and language drivers.

Note that when writing SQL queries, GreptimeDB follows MySQL dialect instead of PostgreSQL.

Clients relies on parameter type inference, like rust-postgres, is partially supported and on our backlog.

Using psql

Connect to GreptimeDB with standard psql client:

psql -h -p 4003 -d public

When running GreptimeDB in standalone mode, the default port of PostgreSQL protocol is 4003.

Using language drivers


You can use the Postgres JDBC connector by specifying host, port, dbname. If authentication is enabled, then you can also specify username and password.

String url = "jdbc:postgresql://localhost:4003/public";
Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url);

## use standard JDBC API or any framework on `conn`


GreptimeDB is compatible with both psycopg and psycopg2. When using psycopg, don't forget to turn on autocommit.

import psycopg

conn = psycopg.connect("host= port=4003 dbname=public")

## get cursor from `conn` and execute your query