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Getting started


This page describes how to run GreptimeDB from source in your local environment.


System & Architecture

At the moment, GreptimeDB now only supports Linux(amd64) and macOS (both amd64 and Apple Silicone).

Build Dependencies

  • Git (optional)
    • Clone the source from
  • C/C++ Toolchain: provides essential tools for compiling and linking. This is available either as build-essential on ubuntu or a similar name on other platforms.
  • Rust (guide)
    • Compile the source code
  • Protobuf (guide)
    • Compile the proto file
    • Note that the version needs to be >= 3.15. You can check it with protoc --version

Compile and Run

Start GreptimeDB standalone instance in just a few commands!

git clone
cd greptimedb
cargo run -- standalone start

Next, you can choose the protocol you like to interact with in GreptimeDB.

Or if you just want to build the server without running it:

cargo build # --release

The artifacts can be found under $REPO/target/debug or $REPO/target/release, depending on the build mode (whether the --release option is passed)

Unit test

GreptimeDB is well-tested, the entire unit test suite is shipped with source code. To test them, run

cargo test --workspace


We also provide pre-build binary via Docker. It's which is available in dockerhub: