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Unit Test


Unit tests are embedded into the codebase, usually placed next to the logic being tested. They are written using Rust's #[test] attribute and can run with cargo test --workspace. Since GreptimeDB orchestrates its components in the "workspace" manner, the tailing --workspace is necessary to run all the unit cases.

The default test runner ships with cargo is a bit slow. It's recommended to use nextest to speed up the test procedure. You can install it with

cargo install cargo-nextest --locked

And run the tests (here the --workspace is not necessary)

cargo nextest run

Notes if your Rust is installed via rustup, be sure to install nextest with cargo rather than the package manager like homebrew. Otherwise it will mess up your local environment.


Our continuous integration (CI) jobs have a "coverage checking" step. It will report how many codes are covered by unit tests. Please add the necessary unit test to your patch.