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Serverless Plan

The serverless plan allows you to purchase request capacities according to your needs and provides support from the SRE team. This solution offers unlimited data storage and configurable retention, making it suitable for production environments and scalable with your business growth.

When setting up a service under the Serverless Plan or upgrading from the Hobby Plan, you'll need to configure the capacity units for the service plan, which include:

  • The Maximum WCU (Write Capacity Unit) per second, upper limit of 5000
  • The Maximum RCU (Read Capacity Unit) per second, upper limit of 5000


For the concepts of WCU and RCU, see Request Capacity Unit.


Please see Pricing for the latest pricing information.


Greptime calculates costs based on the capacity units specified in your chosen plan on a hour-by-hour basis and bills you monthly for the services used.

Cost Calculation Formula:

  • Hourly Costs: (Chosen Plan's WCU * (WCU Minute Price * 60 minutes)) + (Chosen Plan's RCU * (RCU Minute Price * 60 minutes))
  • Daily Costs: Sum of Hourly Costs
  • Monthly Costs: Sum of Daily Costs

Storage Capacity

GreptimeCloud stores your data in object storage, such as S3, and calculates storage costs based on your total data size in the database. You'll be billed monthly for the services used.