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GreptimeCloud exposes GreptimeDB access in PostgreSQL v3 wire protocol. Most standard clients and drivers are compatible at wire protocol level, and the connection is encrypted with TLS. Note that we don't use Postgres' SQL dialect in GreptimeDB, so there can be some statements that are unsupported. For more information, please refer to Postgresql documentation of GreptimeDB.

To connect to GreptimeCloud in Postgres wire protocol, using information below:

  • Host: <host>
  • Port: 4003
  • Database: <dbname>
  • Username: <username>
  • Password: Your GreptimeCloud service password


The default cli tool bundled with PostgreSQL.

psql -h <host> -p 4003 -U <username> -d <dbname> -W

Postgres Connection String

Using the connection string below for compatible client libraries like psycopg, rust-postgres and more. Replace PASSWORD with the GreptimeCloud service password.

host=<host> port=4003 dbname=<dbname> user=<username> password=PASSWORD

Postgres JDBC URL

Using the URL below with your Postgres JDBC client. Replace PASSWORD with the GreptimeCloud service password.