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EMQX Platform

EMQX Platform is an MQTT Gateway, designed to handle massive amounts of IoT device connections and message traffic, making it a popular choice for building large-scale IoT applications. It has built-in support for GreptimeDB as a data integration. By adding GreptimeDB as a Data Persistent sink, you can ingest EMQX messages into GreptimeDB automatically.

You will need to follow these steps for your complete IoT data link, from MQTT to database:

  • Sign up your account on EMQX Platform
  • Create a Dedicated Instance and wait for it's up and running
  • Setup Private Link or NAT Gateway for your deployment so it has internet access
  • Go to Data Integrations and find GreptimeDB
  • Configure your GreptimeDB connector using following information
    • Server host: <host>:4001
    • Database: <dbname>
    • Username: <username>
    • Password: <password>

Then you are all set. Start from using EMQX's debugging tools to generate data and check GreptimeDB Dashboard for the data ingested.