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Release date: March 12, 2024

This is a feature release, read the release blog to learn more detail about the feature and performance updates.

v0.7 represents a crucial leap toward achieving production readiness; it implements production-ready features for cloud-native monitoring scenarios.


  • Metric Engine: handles a large number of small tables, making it particularly suitable for cloud-native monitoring.
  • Region Migration: enhances the user experience and simplifies region migrations with straightforward SQL commands.
  • Inverted Index: dramatically improves the efficiency of locating data segments relevant to user queries, significantly reducing the IO operations needed for scanning data files and thus accelerating the query process.

Breaking changes

  • Switch prom remote write to metric engine by @waynexia in #3198
  • Rename initialize_region_in_background to init_regions_in_background by @WenyXu in #3216
  • New partition grammar in SQL parser by @waynexia in #3347

Bug fixes



We would like to thank the following contributors from the GreptimeDB community:

Cancai Cai, Eugene Tolbakov, Hudson C. Dalprá, JeremyHi, JohnsonLee, Kould, LFC, Lei HUANG, Ning Sun, Ruihang Xia, SteveLauC, WU Jingdi, Wei, Weny Xu, Yingwen, Yiran, Zhenchi, ZonaHe, dennis zhuang, dimbtp, discord9, fys, liyang, niebayes, shuiyisong, tison