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Release date: April 08, 2024

This is a patch release, containing a critial bug fix to avoid wrongly delete data files (#3635).

It's highly recommended to upgrade to this version if you're using v0.7.

Breaking changes

  • refactor!: Renames the new memtable to PartitionTreeMemtable by @evenyag in #3547
  • fix!: columns table in information_schema misses some columns by @killme2008 in #3639

🚀 Features

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • fix: clone data instead of moving it - homemade future is dangerous by @waynexia in #3542
  • fix: performance degradation caused by config change by @v0y4g3r in #3556
  • fix(flow): Arrange get range with batch unaligned by @discord9 in #3552
  • fix: set http response chartset to utf-8 when using table format by @xxxuuu in #3571
  • fix: update pk_cache in compat reader by @waynexia in #3576
  • fix: incorrect version info in by @waynexia in #3586
  • fix: canonicalize catalog and schema names by @killme2008 in #3600
  • fix: adjust status code to http error code map by @waynexia in #3601
  • fix: run purge jobs in another scheduler by @evenyag in #3621
  • fix: mistakely removes compaction inputs on failure by @v0y4g3r in #3635
  • fix: move object store read/write timer into inner by @dimbtp in #3627
  • fix: construct correct pk list with pre-existing pk by @waynexia in #3614

🚜 Refactor

📚 Documentation

🧪 Testing

  • test: add a parameter type mismatch test case to sql integration test by @xxxuuu in #3568
  • test: add tests for drop databases by @WenyXu in #3594
  • test: add more integration test for kafka wal by @niebayes in #3190
  • test(sqlness): release databases after tests by @WenyXu in #3648

⚙️ Miscellaneous Tasks


New Contributors

All Contributors

We would like to thank the following contributors from the GreptimeDB community:

@CookiePieWw, @J0HN50N133, @MichaelScofield, @Taylor-lagrange, @WenyXu, @YCCDSZXH, @ZonaHex, @dimbtp, @discord9, @etolbakov, @evenyag, @fengjiachun, @killme2008, @niebayes, @shuiyisong, @sunng87, @tisonkun, @v0y4g3r, @waynexia, @xxxuuu, @zhongzc