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Quick Setup

GreptimeCloud with GreptimeDB is fully compatible with Prometheus. This means that you can seamlessly use GreptimeCloud as a replacement for Prometheus. For more information, please refer to the Prometheus documentation in the GreptimeDB user guide.

Remote Write and Read

GreptimeCloud instance can be configured as a Prometheus remote write endpoint and remote read endpoint.

Add the following section to your prometheus configuration.

  - url: https://<host>/v1/prometheus/write?db=<dbname>
      username: <username>
      password: #paste your service password

  - url: https://<host>/v1/prometheus/read?db=<dbname>
      username: <username>
      password: #paste your service password

Rule Management

Each GreptimeCloud service comes with a git repository for storing prometheus rules and configurations. By checking your rules, GreptimeCloud's prometheus-compatible rule engine evaluates your rules against data stored in the database and emits alert when matches. For more details, please refer to Rule Management.

git clone https://<host>/promrules/git/<dbname>.git
# Copy your prometheus.yml and rules into this repo, and commit them
git add .
git commit -m "sync prometheus configuration"
git push


GreptimeDB supports PromQL (Prometheus Query Language). This means that you can use GreptimeDB as a drop-in replacement for Prometheus. Please refer to PromQL for more details.